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Our basic principle is: 'We adapt technologies to the customer's needs, not the customer needs to technologies'

In the case of typical websites and stores, we use Wordpress and WooCommerce due to the availability of hosting and the possibility of easy develpment in the future. We create websites in Wordpress based on a very modern Sage 9 solution, using Blade template engine, which saves time and makes the code very easy and friendly in later development.

For more demanding tasks, we offer solutions based on Node.js with React (websites and isomorphic applications that do not pose SEO problems typical for 'one page'). As a database, we recommend mongoDB - an object database with very good scalability and ease of later development.

We create mobile applications in the React Native environment - it is a very economical solution, because the application is created once for all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) which reduces its cost two or three times, while maintaining the functionality and speed of native applications.

We make photorealistic 3D visualizations in Blender with the Cycles engine. For 3D effects in the browser, such as interactive animations, virtual walks, etc., we use WebGL technology, most often with the three.js library.

RPA solutions - robotic process automation - we build only with open source technologies, using the Python language and the Automagica framework. This avoids high fees for software licenses such as UiPath. This is especially beneficial for small businesses, where the number of processes to automate is usually small.

For digital marketing we use Google Ads, Analytics, Adsense, Data Studio, as well as specialized SEO tools. We use automation solutions, which allows us to achieve high efficiency of marketing activities.