PPC and programmatic campaigns


We run campaigns in the PPC model (pay per click) - Google Ads and remarketing - Google AdSense. We help you find the best key phrases that allow you to get high traffic at the lowest possible cost. We create a set of ads tailored to the keywords and we constantly monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and provide its optimization.

RTB (Real Time Bidding) campaigns are the most modern form of digital advertising, where the bid for displaying an advertisement on a given website is negotiated during an auction that lasts milliseconds while the user is loading the page. It allows very precise access to the profiled customer potentially interested in the product - the more appropriate customer is entering the website, the higher rate can be offered to the website owner. This allows a much more efficient use of the budget than in the case of traditional advertising campaigns, where you pay the same rate for both interested and completely uniterested viewer, wasting money.