rpa - robotic process automation


RPA - Robotic Process Automation - is a relatively new and little-known solution, however, it has huge business potential.

RPA solutions are focused on the automation of activities performed by a human using a graphical user interface, such as working with spreadsheet, receiving e-mails and copy-pasting their content to an IT system or Excel, downloading and pasting data from a website to a text document, copying and moving files etc.

It is important that the action is repeatable, and decisions made on it (if any) can be easily described by simple rules (creativity, experience or intuition are not required during this task).

Often these are activities related to handling complaints, claims, reporting, adding posts, advertising, etc. These activities usually take a lot of time for employees, which could be used for more creative and complicated tasks - and this is possible thanks to RPA

Currently used on the market tools for RPA, such as UiPath, require high license fees and cause problems in case of unusual tasks that require modification of the code. Thanks to the fact that we use open source software - Python libraries - we allow to avoid licensing fees, and we can also create solutions perfectly crafted to even very unusual tasks.